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The blog features posts with helpful tips for teachers, students and life-long learners.

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Music with teachable moments

Music Discoveries supports teachers and students with creative resources that are brimming with teachable moments.

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Playful learning

We believe that learning music is fun at any age. We strive to create music that is accessible and rewarding to play even if you are just at the beginning of your music adventure.

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Blog posts

5 Tips for Organizing Teaching Aids

I do my best to keep my teaching aids visible, accessible and organized.  Want a sneak peek at some of my organizing ...

Celebrate Life-Long Learning with Watercolor on White

Watercolor on White is a nod to the adult learner and a reminder that there is huge potential for musical cr...

Music Discoveries


Embracing a sense of playfulness makes learning and teaching music a true joy. Playful learning is effective learning.


Understanding how you learn is a big part of a successful journey in music. We believe in creating resources that celebrate visual, tactile and aural learning styles.


Our music and learning resources are carefully crafted for success. That will keep you coming back to play again and again.

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