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Harp Video Courses

Would it be helpful to walk through the phases of learning with someone who can provide a step-by-step plan to help you learn more quickly, more accurately and with more artistry?

Sometimes all you need is a little support from someone who can shine a light and provide a clear path to learning.

Now you can learn music right along with me at your own pace

Harp Video Courses with Anne Crosby Gaudet

Would you like to learn how to break things down and make learning music enjoyable and efficient? Dreaming of playing more expressively? I have a knack for teaching with a skilled balance of visual, tactile and aural learning styles to help you learn and grow as a musician.

I invite you to explore the harp video courses at the Music Discoveries Studio Podia platform. You'll find step-by-step courses at a variety of levels from Beginner to Intermediate.

Harp Video Courses with Anne Crosby Gaudet

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