The Anne Crosby Piano Library will be available on Friday, February 23, 2018.

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What's next for the Anne Crosby Piano Library?

The Anne Crosby Library may be out of print, but get ready for the independent launch of Anne's piano teaching favori...

5 Tips for Organizing Teaching Aids

I do my best to keep my teaching aids visible, accessible and organized.  Want a sneak peek at some of my organizing ...

Celebrate Life-Long Learning with Watercolor on White

Watercolor on White is a nod to the adult learner and a reminder that there is huge potential for musical cr...

5 Tips for Composing with Gratitude

Looking for some inspiration or tips for composing music at the harp? Here's a sneak peak at my process with my newes...

Looking back on 2017

As I write my first blog post I am almost ready to launch my new Shopify store. I am doing everything I can to make t...
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