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5 Harp Solos for Earth Day

As Earth Day approaches, I wanted to suggest some beautiful harp solos that capture the essence of nature and our connection to the planet we call home. These pieces are perfect for reflecting on the beauty of our environment and the importance of preserving it for future generations.

1. "All Things Bright and Beautiful" is a timeless hymn that celebrates the wonders of creation. It's a lovely early intermediate choice for Earth Day. 
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2. "For the Beauty of the Earth" is another classic hymn that highlights the majesty of the natural world. Its flowing melody and gentle rhythms make it a beautiful choice for solo harp.
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3. "From the Treetops" is an original composition that evokes the feeling of being up high in the canopy of a lush forest. It's a peaceful and serene piece that would be a great addition to any Earth Day concert.
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4. "Gentle Rain" captures the soothing sound of raindrops falling on leaves and flowers. It's a calming and reflective piece that would be perfect for a meditative moment during an Earth Day gathering.
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5. Finally, "Hope for Tomorrow" is a piece that looks forward to a brighter future for our planet. Its optimistic tone and uplifting melody make it a wonderful choice for an Earth Day performance.
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I hope these suggestions inspire you as you prepare for your Earth Day celebrations. Thank you for supporting my music and for your dedication to preserving our planet.


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  • I really like this group of pieces. Especially your completions. I have plans to play some of them when I finish up with my other choices that I have been working on. I took some leave from lessons and other things and now I am back, to finish one of my other lessons in the works. Cheers for now. Stephanie.

  • I love these pieces, Anne – wonderful suggestions to celebrate Earth Day! I still must work on a couple of them to get them into my hands, so thank you for the motivation for that!

    Susan Carol
  • Anne,
    What a marvelous collection of music to add to my repertoire of music..

    Carol Marjory Benner

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