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7 Sounds of Summer

Summer has nearly arrived, and what better way to embrace the season than through the sounds and imagery of the harp? In this blog post I've collected seven delightful harp solos that embody the warmth, tranquility, and joy of the season.

I hope you enjoy the sights and sounds and maybe you'll be inspired to learn something new or relearn something that has been tucked away. Whether you're a seasoned harpist or just beginning your musical journey, these solos offer a gentle challenge that will both inspire and uplift you.


IN THE CLOUDS is a sweet harp solo for beginners and elementary level players. The sheet music download includes 4 levels so you can grow with this piece or play along with a friend. This harp solo will fit small harps with Bass C as the lowest pitch.

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LILAC & LAVENDER was a special request, where I was asked to use the scent of lilacs as inspiration. Imagine the soft, fragrant lilac. For me it sounds like an FMaj7 chord, which became the basis of the composition. I also hint at the folk song Lavender Blue to help pair the lilac and lavender. This is an excellent choice for early intermediate harp. The 1-3-5-7 pattern may be a new addition to your technique.

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BACHELBEL'S MINUET begins with the elegant Minuet in G Major, which was originally attributed to J.S. Bach, but later discovered to have been composed by his student Christian Petzold. The middle section of the Minuet has been adapted to reference Johann Pachelbel's famous Canon in D chord progression.This is a wonderful selection for weddings or any situation where familiar classical melodies would be enjoyed. Your sheet music download includes 2 versions, for larger and small harps.

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Looking for music to play on your small harp? LIGHT OF MORNING was crafted to fit a small 19 string or small double strung harp (or larger). This elementary arrangement includes fingering and brackets for helpful learning support. The first half of the piece is an original melody and then the music moves into the familiar tune MORNING HAS BROKEN.

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The ancient Celtic festival of LITHA is celebrated on the summer solstice. Your score includes right hand fingering suggestions and handy rehearsal marks. You will see some left hand 10th patterns, grace notes in the tune and a sixteenth to dotted eighth featured rhythm. This piece fits the hands beautifully and walks along at a gentle pace.

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GOLDEN HOUR is a mid-intermediate lever harp solo that I composed to celebrate the summer solstice. Written in G Mixolydian, this piece creates a carefree mood and the gentle 6/8 lilt feels like a lazy day at the lake. You will need a larger harp and there is one B lever change. Fingering and bracket suggestions are included in the score along with handy rehearsal marks to organize your practice.

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BRIGHT SKIES is a cheerful composition for early intermediate double strung harp. The sheet music includes fingering and brackets to support quicker learning. The score includes 2 versions: C Major (for 26x2) and D Major (for 22x2). This video was filmed at The Look Off, near Canning, Nova Scotia in the summer of 2020.

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  • Thanks Ann for those beautiful Melodie’s.
    I pray that the fires will be controlled soon!🙏

    Diane Miller
  • So lovely! Please keep shining and sharing your beautiful light Anne, but do stay away from firey blazes nearby

  • Oh Gosh! these all look so wonderful! My friend Linda and I enjoy playing your music together, working on expressive elements and designing some nice harmonies.
    I am now feeling tempted to try a double strung harp…oh dear!

    Lea Masiello

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