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A serendipitous harp journey

I have been eager to share my story of serendipity. The tale begins in 2018 and the final chapter is set to unfold in the coming week.

Back in 2018, my husband and I embarked on a trip to the Somerset Harp Festival in Parsippany, New Jersey, to celebrate my 50th birthday. As any harp festival attendee knows, one of the highlights is the chance to listen to and play a variety of harps. While I wasn't actively searching for a new harp, I couldn't resist the temptation to try them all and discover my favourites.

Somerset harp festival showroom

Amidst the sea of harps, I stumbled upon a Dusty Strings FH34 in cherry with Camac levers and a beautiful abalone soundboard inlay. It instantly captured my heart with its delightful touch and captivating tone. I longed to take it home with me, but purchasing a new harp wasn't feasible at the time.

However, I made a promise to myself, and I shared it with my husband: "When I turn 56, I'll order this harp."

Fast forward to May 2023, as I celebrated my 55th birthday, I decided to reach out to Dusty Strings to inquire about ordering the FH34. Understanding the long wait times associated with such orders, I engaged in a helpful conversation with Sue and Christy. They assisted me in deciding between the FH34 and the newer FH34S model, based on my desired touch and tone.

Just a few days later, an email from the Virginia Harp Center arrived, announcing a list of available consignment harps. To my astonishment, there was a cherry FH34 being sold on consignment with Camac levers and an abalone soundboard inlay!

I followed the provided link, studied the photos, and to my surprise, noticed the wood grain patterns appeared remarkably similar to the one I played in 2018. Intrigued, I dug deeper and discovered the serial number, which I shared with Dusty Strings inquiring about the harp's production year. Their prompt response confirmed that the harp was indeed built in 2018, most likely crafted for the Somerset display, and quite possibly the very harp I had fallen in love with.

Anne's serendipity harp

At this point, you can probably guess how the rest of the story unfolds. How could I ignore such a twist of fate? Opportunities like this are rare, and I couldn't let this magical moment slip away.

However, the story is not yet complete—the harp has been shipped from Virginia to Nova Scotia and will soon be in my hands. I eagerly await its safe arrival in just a few more days.

Join me on Facebook or Instagram, where I'll be sharing pictures once she arrives. Do you believe it’s my 2018 Somerset harp? I do!

Hope you enjoyed the story and have a good week,

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