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Watercolor on White, 7 harp solos

Watercolor on White, 7 harp solos by Anne Crosby Gaudet
Watercolor on White, 7 harp solos by Anne Crosby Gaudet
Watercolor on White, 7 harp solos by Anne Crosby Gaudet
Watercolor on White, 7 harp solos by Anne Crosby Gaudet
Product image 1Watercolor on White, 7 harp solos by Anne Crosby Gaudet
Product image 2Watercolor on White, 7 harp solos by Anne Crosby Gaudet
Product image 3Watercolor on White, 7 harp solos by Anne Crosby Gaudet
Product image 4Watercolor on White, 7 harp solos by Anne Crosby Gaudet

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I composed WATERCOLOR ON WHITE with my first harp, a little black Harpsicle with no levers. As a beginner at the time, I was looking for music that I could manage technically, but could also enjoy musically.

The watercolor inspiration is two-fold. I have always enjoyed listening for color in music, even to a point where it becomes a source of creative imagery. Secondly, I was thinking back to a wonderful experience I had learning watercolor painting. For me, this collection celebrates the challenges and joys of being an adult learner.

The collection is called Watercolor on White because the pieces can be played using only white keys on the piano. I thought that having no levers on my harp was a limitation, but I was delighted to watch these seven unique pieces evolve as I celebrated making music on my simple little lap harp.

Watercolor on White includes the following 7 original solos:

  1. Cadmium Orange
  2. Cerulean Blue
  3. Alizarin Crimson
  4. Viridian Green
  5. Rose Madder
  6. Cobalt Turquoise
  7. Winsor Violet

Pages: 15 pages
Format: PDF (instant download by email)
Instrument: suitable for 25-string harp or larger, no levers required
Level: Early Intermediate to Mid-Intermediate Harp
Terms of Use: Single User License (see below)

Terms of Use

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jean Albert
Love this book

All of the compositions in this book are lovely little jewels. They work together as a set, although each one has its own personality. I am so glad I bought this book. I have them all memorized now and play them almost daily!

There are definitely challenging things about them and I had to work hard to get them flowing. But it was a journey I really enjoyed. Now I'm settling in to learn another book of pieces by Anne - Year Round.

Anne, you are my favourite modern-day composer for the harp. Thank you.

Oh so sweet! Thank-you, Jean!

A Joy for the Late Beginner

These are some of the first pieces I had so much fun learning. Each one speaks to you differently and stands on its own while also easily flowing into the others with some improvisation. A really sweet and enjoyable collection.

Thanks so much for taking the time to add your reviews, Maryam! Much appreciate! - Anne

Romona King

Each piece is a delight to play and I find challenges in all of them. So fun to work on. Thank you.

I'm so glad you are enjoying these, Romona! I wrote them for myself when I was learning to play.

Karen Nelson
Elegant and Fun

I appreciate that Anne makes videos of each of her gorgeous compositions, so I can hear and see them played before deciding which to purchase. I really enjoyed the videos for Watercolor on White and bought the digital book four months ago. It is a lovely collection of absolutely achievable pieces for the late-stage beginner. Because of the shared key, each works nicely in a set list with the others, while maintaining their distinctive character as solos. My current favorite is Rose Madder, which has such fun melodic runs to play. Be careful though, as it will get stuck in your head, and your humming of it may drive those around you to distraction.

Thank-you Karen! Your comment made me laugh because I remember a period when Rose Madder was stuck in my head and everyone in my house was humming it too!

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