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10 Beautiful Harp Solos for Autumn

September is here and the feeling of Autumn is in the air. Let's round up some of my favourite harp solos to accompany the sights and sounds of Fall.

Harp music for Fall

1. Changing Seasons (Early Intermediate)

2. Equal Night (Late Intermediate)

This piece is also available to learn with a Video Course. Visit my Podia website to learn more.

Equal Night, video course


3. From the Treetops (Mid-Intermediate)

4. Golden Hour (Mid-Intermediate)

5. Harvest Moon (Late Intermediate)

6. Late Summer Lullaby (Late Intermediate)

7. Sunlight Through the Trees (Mid-Intermediate) - small harp

8. Sweet Blessings (Mid-Elementary) - small harp

9. We Gather Together (Early Intermediate)

10. Whirling Leaves (Mid-Elementary) - small harp

What will you add to your repertoire this season?


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