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First Snow, harp

First Snow, elementary harp sheet music by Anne Crosby Gaudet
First Snow, elementary harp sheet music by Anne Crosby Gaudet
First Snow, elementary harp sheet music by Anne Crosby Gaudet
Product image 1First Snow, elementary harp sheet music by Anne Crosby Gaudet
Product image 2First Snow, elementary harp sheet music by Anne Crosby Gaudet
Product image 3First Snow, elementary harp sheet music by Anne Crosby Gaudet

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FIRST SNOW is a hauntingly beautiful elementary harp solo. With adult learners in mind, this original composition was created to fall comfortably in the hands so you can relax and focus on the beautiful imagery. The performer is encouraged to listen and to breathe at various points in the music. Connecting with sound and expressing mood through music is a joy that may be experienced at any level. This piece is easily adapted to smaller harps.

Looking for additional learning support? Join me at Podia to learn this piece step-by-step with me in the video course.

First Snow, video course with Anne Crosby Gaudet

Length: 3 pages
Format: PDF (instant download by email)
Key: E minor (F# required)
Level: Elementary Harp
Terms of Use: Single User License (see below)

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Customer Reviews

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Grace Wickes
Simple and Beautiful

This one is great to learn in a day, I've added it to my repertoire for yoga sessions and it has an emotional feel to it. It's also one of my mom's favourites to hear!!

Oh yes, this is a lovely choice for yoga sessions. And you can repeat and improvise on the sections to make it even longer. Enjoy! - Anne


This is a great piece for learning to play hands together, to work on timing and on dynamics.

Kristin Browne
Great for learners

This is a beautiful piece of music. I love the way you can fall into it and I love the reminders throughout to *breathe*.
From a technical perspective, this is beautifully arranged, with just enough challenges to make it a challenge, but not so many it’s too difficult to manage.
Over the past year I have come back to this again and again and it has grown with me.

Thank you so much for the thoughtful review! Much appreciated!

Donna McKinnon
Love the crystalline quality

I'm not from a land of snow as such. But during a stay in Swedish Lapland I came to feel deeply a quality of silence with the snow - that wiped away the din of human noise (physical and subtle) - it felt incredible. This landscape and musical offering "First Snow" is for me an echo of that transcendent stillness. I'm just exploring the piece today. Thank you Anne.

Thank you for the beautiful review!

Sharon C
Beautiful song

This song is not difficult to learn.. it has a change in the melody to keep it interesting and although there are not a lot of overlapping chords on the right and left hand the melody is hauntingly beautiful. I live in a snowy area and this does remind me of snow. It is a great song for learning expression as well.

Won't be long and we'll be waiting for that first snow again! Glad you are enjoying it! - Anne

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