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You're Still the One

Shania Twain's YOU'RE STILL THE ONE was at the top of the charts in 1998 and remains a favorite for weddings and anniversary celebrations.

This simple yet elegant arrangement can be played on a small harp (bass C is the lowest pitch) and it is accessible for elementary level players. Fingering and bracket support is included in the score.

This piece feels so comfortable in the hands, but it doesn't sound like a beginner piece! Check out the performance video below.

My husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary in August, so I thought it might be fun to tuck a few of our wedding photos in the video.

Hope you enjoyed watching the video!


Get the sheet music download at Sheet Music Plus >>

If you'd like to learn this piece along with me, learn all about the Video Course at Podia. I will guide you through the entire piece with gentle step-by-step pacing. The course includes 80 minutes of skilled instruction with a balanced blend of visual, aural and tactile learning. Enjoy plenty of slow practice play-alongs to help you stay focused and motivated. Come learn with me!

Learn more about the Video Course >>


You're Still the One, harp sheet music and video course


Enjoy learning this uplifting song!

- Anne

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