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Harp music for winter

Do you spend a little more time with your harp in the winter months? Do you look forward to those cozy, quiet evenings making music at your harp?

I've collected some of my favorite harp solos that were inspired by the imagery of winter. The simple beauty of a first snow, the warmth of an evening fire and the magic of the winter moon.

I hope you find a piece of music that touches your heart and inspires your imagination.


FIRST SNOW is a hauntingly beautiful elementary harp solo. With adult learners in mind, this original composition was created to fall comfortably in the hands so you can relax and focus on the beautiful imagery. Connecting with sound and expressing mood through music is a joy that may be experienced at any level. 

Now you can learn this piece step-by-step with the VIDEO COURSE.

Capture the gentle artistry of WHEN SNOW FALLS with expressive phrasing and shaping. For those at earlier levels there are plenty of teachable concepts including sixteenth notes and dotted rhythms. This piece also invites the player to improvise on a given chord progression.

Enjoy the relaxing harp sounds of CANDLELIGHT. Beautiful to play anytime of year, though it pairs well with "All Is Calm" for an beautiful Christmas set. You may play this piece on a small harp (26 strings) and no levers required.

is a cozy, mid-intermediate harp solo that will help you mark the arrival of the Winter Solstice. Fingering and bracket suggestions will help you navigate the beautiful crossing hand patterns.

WINTER MOON is a relaxing harp solo inspired by the beautiful Cold Moon, which appeared days before the winter solstice. This early intermediate solo is well-suited for larger harps. The 6/8 time signature creates a soothing lilt and you will love how this well-crafted solo fits your hands perfectly.

'TWAS IN THE MOON OF WINTERTIME, also known as the Huron Carol is a favorite for seasonal repertoire. Relaxing music with comfortable patterns, generous pacing and plenty of fingering suggestions. This piece will help you feel successful and expressive at the harp.


I hope you enjoy hearing and playing these wintery solos.

Warm wishes,

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  • Wish I had your kind of rhythm when playing.

    Jim White
  • I sat back with my morning coffee and enjoyed your winter harp selections. All the pieces were very relaxing and put me in a pensive mood…..looking forward to the day ahead….. giving me a peace of mind…oh so tranquil. Thanks Anne for your music and Happy Thanksgiving to you.
    Just a note.. my favorites were ‘When it Snows’ and ‘Embers.’ How about offering a course in one of these. Have you ever considered arranging…The Lord’s Prayer?

    Diane Richards
  • They’re all so beautiful. Love them all!

    Ruth Page

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