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Learning to play fluently

Learning to play the harp with ease and fluency is a dream for most adult learners. As a composer and teacher, my goal is to create music that helps you to develop your skill while learning music that is expressive and enjoyable to play. 

It's all about giving the left hand time to replace each pattern so the music can flow without those small pauses and hesitations.

One of the key ingredients of my elementary harps solos is that I give the left hand time to move and replace so the hands can learn to coordinate in a way that feels natural. I want you to feel relaxed, efficient and effortless when you play my pieces.

I recently created a tutorial video to help you uncover the secret to playing left hand 1-5-8 patterns fluently. Get your harp and practice along with me to build your technique step-by-step.

When you are ready to apply what you learned to a piece of music, here are a few solos that would be good choices for practicing this technique.


IN THE CLOUDS is a gentle harp solo for beginners and elementary level players. The sheet music download includes 4 levels so you can grow with this piece or play along with a friend. This harp solo will fit small harps with 25+ strings (Bass C is the lowest pitch).


ARRAN BOAT SONG is a traditional Scottish tune. This early intermediate harp solo captures the steady, grounding pulse of the ocean waves.


FIRST SNOW is a soothing late elementary harp solo. With adult learners in mind, this original composition was created to fall comfortably in the hands so you can relax and focus on the beautiful imagery.


HOPE FOR TOMORROW is an expressive late elementary harp solo. Crafted with simple patterns that feel comfortable in your hands, you'll be able to focus playing with artistry and finesse.


STILL STILL STILL / AWAY IN A MANGER blends two beautiful, traditional Christmas carols into an arrangement that early intermediate harp players will love to learn.

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