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I Will Remember You

Do you remember the 1990s classic, "I Will Remember You" by Canadian singer/songwriter Sarah McLachlan? This mid-intermediate harp arrangement captures the same sweet, intimate character.

I think you'll love playing this gentle song and it happens to be in a comfortable range if you enjoy singing along.


If you would like to view or purchase the sheet music, it is available on Sheet Music Direct.

When you see the sheet music, you'll notice there is no fingering or bracket support included. So you might be interested in joining me for the Video Course where I'll share all of my fingering solutions so you can write them in your score. It's so important to work out secure and consistent fingering.

I Will Remember You, harp arrangement and video course

In the Video Course we will work through the sections one by one. I’ll place emphasis on accurate counting and I’ll share my fingering and bracket solutions. I think you’ll find that you save a lot of time by working on those two essential elements along with me. Read more at my Podia website.

Warm wishes,
xo Anne

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