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A Sense of Wonder, harp

A Sense of Wonder, early intermediate harp sheet music by Anne Crosby Gaudet
A Sense of Wonder, early intermediate harp sheet music by Anne Crosby Gaudet
A Sense of Wonder, harp
Product image 1A Sense of Wonder, early intermediate harp sheet music by Anne Crosby Gaudet
Product image 2A Sense of Wonder, early intermediate harp sheet music by Anne Crosby Gaudet
Product image 3A Sense of Wonder, harp

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A SENSE OF WONDER an expressive early intermediate harp solo, which may be played on small harps with 26+ strings. With a hint of Lydian mode, this magical solo is full of light and hope.

This piece highlights teachable moments including simple harmonics, lever changes, 4-finger placing and changing time signatures. It has been carefully crafted with comfortable patterns that will help you feel successful and expressive at the harp.

This piece can be played beautifully on a small harp with bass C as the lowest pitch.

Length: 3 pages
Format: PDF (instant download by email)
Key: C Major (C sharp lever change required)
Level: Early Intermediate Harp
Terms of Use: Single User License (see below)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sheila Blaicher
A Joy to Play and Learn from!

I love all of your music and all the learning tid-bits you put in to them. I love this piece even more and I really like the way it fits in my hands to play it. I got an extra boost of confidence from this one and I love the way it sounds. It's a joy to play and it is such a happy tune to boot! I really recommend this one in particular! I know you put a lot of thought into all of music and I definitely appreciate that! You make learning soooooo rewarding. I use the word love a lot when I refer to your music because it is the way I feel about it and this one is a 'for sure.' If someone reading this is a more advanced player, I would still recommend this one - just for the joy of listening to the song and the ease of which it plays. Thanks Anne!

Thank-you so much Sheila!

Faith Frankel
You inspire confidence

After several years as an older (now 82) adult learner, your videos have me believing I might have moved beyond the "perennial beginner" stage I had labeled myself. Thank you for the lovely piece and the encouragement.

Susan Carol
Another favortite

Anne, this is a “staple” in my therapeutic & worship repertoire! Those 1-3-5-7 patterns really bring out the lush tonal quality of the harp. Patients and parishioners alike always speak very positive comments about this song.

That's one of those magic patterns that sounds harder than it is! - Anne

Lovely, soothing piece

What a joy to play this nice song. Even getting the hang of harmonics better with your helpful instructions...anxious to add to repertoire on small and larger many uses!

Thank-you, Kathleen. Isn't it nice to have pieces that are flexible enough to enjoy on large or small harps? So glad to hear those harmonics are coming along, good for you! - Anne

what a great piece of music

this makes a wonderful piece of music for my small double strung harp that I play in the hospital. The echoing tones when playing the arpeggios in the same octave one after the other are wonderful. There is so much I can do with this - the main part of the piece is fairly straightforward and once you practice the couple of challenges Anne teaches, fits the hand beautifully. I can extend the music by playing those F, G and C arpeggios in various inversions, which makes it wonderful for improvisation. I 'take' so much of your music to the hospital with me - the music fits my hand and is always so beautiful.

Thank-you, Nancy! I love that you have adapted it so beautifully for your small double strung harp. Enjoy! - Anne

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