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Celebrate Life-Long Learning with Watercolor on White

I'm coming up on my 6th birthday.

February 6, 2012 is the day I got my Dusty Strings FH36S. Before that I had a little black Harpisicle, just the basic variety with no levers. I called it Angelo.

When I was learning to play with Angelo it wasn't easy to find music books, especially for a leverless 26 string. So I started composing my own pieces to satisfied what I wanted to play at the time.

I hadn't yet studied harp therapy, that came a year later. But right from the start I was drawn to creating color with my harp music.

When I was a child, I would go to piano recitals and music festivals and afterwards I'd tell my Mom that so-and-so played 'orange' or so-and-so played 'green'. Music and color have gone hand in hand for as long as I can remember.

Some years ago (before my harp journey began) I took watercolor classes. That was my first experience learning a new skill as an adult... something unrelated to piano teaching. It was such a positive experience for me and I now feel very strongly about encouraging adults to pursue and celebrate life-long learning.

Watercolor on White is a nod to the adult learner and a reminder that there is huge potential for musical creativity and expression in beginner's fingers with a small harp.

Here is a video of all seven pieces. I hope you find it a useful learning resource.

Watercolor on White includes 7 colorful solos, all of which may be played on 26 strings. The titles are names of watercolor paints. I named the collection Watercolor on White because the pieces can be played on piano white keys only, therefore no harp levers. If you are a beginner, the easiest ones to learn would be Cerulean Blue and Cobalt Turquoise.

  1. Cadmium Orange - imagine a beautiful sunrise
  2. Cerulean Blue - think of the color of the sky on a beautiful clear day
  3. Alizarin Crimson - when I bought my crimson harpsicle, this is the first song that came out
  4. Viridian Green - imagine walking through a forest, take a deep relaxing breath
  5. Rose Madder - think cotton candy
  6. Cobalt Turquoise - ah the beautiful ocean in the summer
  7. Winsor Violet - think of sweet pansies swaying in the breeze

Click here to purchase Watercolor on White.

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