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Harp Sights and Sounds of Nova Scotia

During the summer of 2020 I decided to bring the sights of Nova Scotia to you! With vacation restrictions in place, you may not have had the opportunity to travel and explore new places. So please enjoy my collection of videos that I created to give you a taste of summer in Nova Scotia along with my newest harp music.


1. A Sense of Wonder

Here is a view of Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia's most famous lighthouse. It's a perfect spot to see the crashing ocean waves.

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2. Ocean Stones

I recorded "Ocean Stones" at Lawrencetown Beach, which is a short drive from the city of Halifax. This part of the beach is very rocky and it's a popular spot for Nova Scotia surfers. In fact, some of our video clips had surfers floating by. 

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3. Sweet Blessings

We caught a beautiful Nova Scotia sunset over nearby Long Lake for "Sweet Blessings". 

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4. Changing Seasons

When I recorded "Changing Seasons" the trees were still so green and summery. But it won't be long before the Fall colors begin. This video was filmed at the Mount Uniacke Estate Museum Park. 

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5. Bright Skies

We took a little road trip for this video. "Bright Skies" was filmed at the famous Look Off, near Canning, Nova Scotia. When I was little we would drive up the mountain to watch the hang gliders take flight over the Valley fields. 

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Hope you enjoyed the musical road trip with me!


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  • A beautiful and uplifting piece, and what a wonderful view to go along!

    Leann Marshall
  • Hi Anne,
    Having grown up in Halifax, I’m very familiar with all of the local places you have featured in your videos. I now live in Oregon; the last time I was back home was when my mother passed away several years ago. Given that the pandemic has closed the border, and I have had to postpone a necessary hip replacement surgery until next year, and the only remaining member of my immediate family now lives in the Vancouver area, it’s not likely I’ll get back to Nova Scotia anytime soon, if at all. So I have really appreciated revisiting a few of it’s beautiful places via your videos. Thank you so much for providing me with a wonderful taste of home, Anne!

    Jan Dromlewicz
  • Thank you for the beautiful inspiring music! The videos are lovely! You blessed me today with your music and encourage me to keep moving forward with my harp practice! I also want to thank you for taking the time to do the on line lessons! It helped reinforce what my music teacher had been trying to teach me also! Plus your videos helped me move forward with my harp playing! I’m truly inspired by your music!


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