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5 Cozy Harp Solos for Winter

Warm up on a cold winter's night with this set of five expressive harp solos.

1. Candlelight (Early Intermediate + small harp)

A relaxing and expressive solo for early intermediate harp. Beautiful to play anytime of year, but it pairs especially well with "All Is Calm" for an enjoyable Christmas set.

2. Embers (Early intermediate)

Get cozy with this warm, relaxing music to mark the arrival of the Winter Solstice.

3. First Snow (Elementary + small harp)

The performer is encouraged to listen and to breathe at various points in the music. Connecting with sound and expressing mood through music is a joy that may be experienced at any level. This piece can be easily adapted to a small harp.

4. Starlight Reflection (Intermediate)

This intermediate solo creates a quiet space for thoughtful reflection. The left hand harmonics mirror the opening melody with a haunting shimmer.

5. When Snow Falls (Early Intermediate + small harp)

Capture the sweet, gentle artistry of this piece with expressive phrasing and shaping. For those at the early intermediate level, there are plenty of teachable concepts including rhythm and finger placement. This piece also invites the player to improvise on a given chord progression.

Warm wishes,

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