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Beautiful Harp Music for Fall

It's September and here in Nova Scotia I'd have to say this is the most beautiful time of the year.  Some of us are sneaking in a few more beach days or camping trips.  Personally I love the crisp morning air.  The leaves haven't started to change color yet, but I can feel it coming.

If you love the feeling of autumn in the air and look forward to snuggly warm sweaters then it might be time to enjoy some new harp music that captures the essence and beauty of this time of year.  Follow the links to my shop for any sheet music that you might want to learn.

Changing Seasons (Early Intermediate harp)

Day Is Over (Mid-Intermediate harp)

Dreaming Through Twilight (Late Intermediate harp)

Equal Night (Late Intermediate harp)

Gratitude (Early Intermediate harp)


Harvest Moon (Late Intermediate harp)

In Passing (Mid-Intermediate harp)


Miss You (Late Intermediate harp)

Music When Soft Voices Die (Late Intermediate harp)

Open Your Eyes (Mid-Intermediate harp)

Solace (Mid-Intermediate harp)

Sunlight Through the Trees (Mid-Intermediate harp)

We Gather Together (Mid-Intermediate harp)

Whirling Leaves (Mid-Elementary harp)

Thanks for watching!


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  • Ann;
    Bought your “My Shepard Will Supply My Need. Enjoy the arrangement . Would like a video list of same style. I’m 84 years young and have no problem playing this style. I think I am an intermediate player. What say you?
    Thank You

  • Anne, those are ALL such beautiful pieces! I love playing your music. You write with such variety and appreciate the challenges many compositions invite the player to rise to! They’ve really been the basis of my harp learning and I so appreciate the musicality of each and every piece.

    Jacquie Touchie

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