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Fuzzy Beluga - Where Work is Play

Playful learning has been the mantra of my teaching philosophy from the very beginning. As a teacher I have always tried to model the ethic of working hard while finding ways to put a twinkle in my eye.

Nothing shows that side of me more than "Fuzzy Beluga".

"Fuzzy Beluga" started off as a fun jazzy solo for my students. The original collection focused on pieces that used a variety of learning styles. This piece was aimed at that special student with great tactile memory and feel. 

So why FUZZY? I say why not? It's fun!

And I just happen to have a fuzzy beluga in my piano bench. I can't help but chuckle every time a student opens my piano bench and says, "Ms. Anne, why is there a fuzzy beluga in your bench?"

The Fuzzy Beluga 

The Cartoon Animation

Now one thing you may not know about me is that I spent quite a lot of time studying digital media and animation... just for fun. Fuzzy Beluga felt like the perfect opportunity to practice my new animation skills on a creative piano project. So yes, I made this cartoon from scratch, down to every blinking eye ball.

My husband Neal helped me out with recording the audio and my friend Bruce Fillmore did a great job singing the silly words. I added the lyrics below just in case you might be moved to sing along. By the way, this all happened about 10 years ago!


The Piano Solo Sheet Music

Fuzzy Beluga is pure jazzy fun for an early intermediate level piano student. Does your student have a good ear and a good feel for swinging eighth notes? Teach it with a blend of reading and rote and this piece will become a favorite for recitals and festivals. Get the private studio license download so you can print as often as you like for your own private students. 


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