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FREE Sheet Music for The Grenadier and the Lady

Recently I released a video lesson on learning how to play "Amazing Grace". One of my YouTube subscribers left a comment asking if I would write an arrangement of the old English folk song called, “The Grenadier and the Lady”, which you might know as "An Emigrant’s Daughter".

So I did!  And I made it a free sheet music download.

Now you may not know this tune, but if you like "Scarborough Fair" I think you will like this one too. They are very similar. In fact if you have my arrangement of "Scarborough Fair" you might want to put them together in a set. Another piece that would sound nice in that group is "The Mist Covered Mountains of Home".

"Thank you for this beautiful gift. This is one of those tunes I have heard before, but didn't know the name. I am so appreciative of your arrangements!" (Patty on YouTube)

I wrote this arrangement to be played comfortably on either the piano or the harp, so it’s hybrid. Now of course that means I haven’t included fingering because harp and piano fingerings are different. But that’s not entirely a bad thing because I think it’s good practice to learn how to plan your own fingering. If you ever need help with that you could book an online lesson with me and I’d be happy to give you some support and guidance.

The great news is that you can download “The Grenadier and the Lady" sheet music for FREE.

Just subscribe with your name and email and you will receive the link to the PDF so you can download, save and play.

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- Anne

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