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Double Strung Harp Sheet Music

My double strung harp adventure began on March 18, 2020. At least that's when my Dusty Strings FH26x2 arrived. I started playing two harps side by side months earlier to get used to navigating two rows of strings. Since then I have created a number of arrangements and compositions for double strung harp. 

You can listen to all of them right here and use the links to view sample pages or purchase the sheet music.

But first, join me for the unboxing my Dusty Strings FH26x2 double strung harp. It has two rows of 26 strings and the wood is figured cherry. 

1. Arran Boat Song

The "Arran Boat Song" is a traditional Scottish tune, arranged for 26x2 or larger. Your download includes a BONUS arrangement for the smaller 22x2 double strung harp. Repeating patterns make this piece easy to memorize so you can focus on navigating two rows of strings.

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2. The Ash Grove

"The Ash Grove" is a traditional Welsh folk song arranged for early intermediate double strung harp. The sheet music is written for 26x2 double strung harps or larger, but is easily adapted to small DS harps with a few left hand pattern adjustments.

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3. Barbara Allen and Aura Lea

This sweet double strung harp arrangement features two beautiful traditional folk songs. "Barbara Allen" originates in Scotland and later became a popular American folk song. "Aura Lea" was originally published in 1861 with words by William Fosdick and music by George R. Poulton. This early intermediate double strung harp arrangement was written for 22x2 or larger.

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4. Bright Skies

"Bright Skies" was my first double strung harp composition. Even before my harp arrived, I had a feeling that I would enjoy creating a mood that was light, cheerful and carefree. This video was shot at The Look Off, near Canning, Nova Scotia.

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5. The Mersey River

While I was waiting for my "real" double strung harp to arrive, I dove into the texture, coordination and visual challenges of playing on two rows of strings. With my Dusty Strings FH36S and my Triplett Christina side by side I could start working out my approach to playing the double strung. My strategy was to use simple, repetitive patterns that were easy to memorize so I could limit the number of places I need to look. You'll find the dark water of "The Mersey River" and its beautiful trails at Nova Scotia's historic Kejimkujik National Park.

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6. The Maid at the Well

"The Maid at the Well" is a traditional Irish jig is well suited for a double strung harp arrangement. The hands share the nimble tune, which makes it easier than it sounds! So much fun to play!

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Are you thinking about building your repertoire of music for double strung harp? Watch for a future blog post where I share the single row pieces that I feel adapt well to double strung. Coming soon!


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