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5 Harp Solos for the New Year

As I write this blog post, the morning sun is peeking through my window on the first day of 2021. It is a time to reflect on the past year and to look ahead with hope. The two words that come to mind are gratitude and resilience

I selected these five solos for inspiration moving into the New Year. The common thread is the theme of hope. 

1. DAWN is an early intermediate harp solo that creates a light and hopeful character with the mixolydian mode. You can hear the sunrise as we approach the end of the piece. I composed this piece on December 13, 2018 for my sister, Dawn's birthday.

2. SWEET BLESSINGS is a mid-elementary harp solo in C Major, which may be played on a small harp (25 strings) or larger. This solo is a nice fit for a beginner. The sheet music download includes a bonus arrangement for 19-string lap harp (G Major) and also a lead sheet version (G Major). You could use the lead sheet version for a flexible small double strung harp arrangement.This piece uses simple left hand patterns, basic finger placing and comfortable coordination to help you feel successful and expressive at the harp.

3. OPEN YOUR EYES is a mid-intermediate harp solo. This piece lies comfortably in the hands and flows along in a gentle 6/8 meter. Fingerings have been included to help you navigate the melody successfully. The piece includes harmonics and grace notes. You will want a full 34-36-string harp to enjoy the low register.

4. THE LAND OF DREAMS is an original composition for mid-intermediate lever harp. As we head into a new year I recognize that many people face the year with various challenges. The opening melody represents a difficult journey. Try humming this very long melody as you play and you'll discover that it is difficult to sing to the end of the phrase without breathing. It's beautiful, but difficult. The next section is more dreamlike with sparkling finger work, we then move into the relative major, which is full of hope.

5. DAY IS OVER is a soothing mid-intermediate harp solo. This piece is loosely based upon the following poem:

"Day is over, night has come.
Today is gone, what's done is done.
Embrace your dreams, through the night.
Tomorrow comes with a whole new light."
- Author unknown

Wishing you my warmest thoughts for the New Year. Fill your days with music and life long learning.


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