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5 Tips for Organizing Teaching Aids

I do my best to keep my teaching aids visible, accessible and organized.  Want a sneak peek at some of my organizing tips?

Here are 5 easy storage solutions that I use in my piano studio:

  1. Mason jars - great for Teeny Tiny Flash Cards and game pieces. Forget the covers, just line up the jars on your bookshelf so you can easily see what you have.
  2. CD sleeves - I've got lots of paper and plastic CD sleeves that I just don't use anymore. But they are handy for organizing flashcards. I coil bind 5 or 6 sleeves so I can organize groups of flash cards by level.
  3. Cute Clothespins - I got my sweet owl clothespins at the dollar store and used double sided tape to adhere them to the shelf that sits next to my piano. This is where I keep the teaching aids that I use all the time, like Accidental Ewe. You can get the little plastic bags at the dollar store too.
  4. Drawer organizer - this dollar store drawer organizer happens to fit perfectly in my piano bench. Wow, that is so much better! I'll admit, my piano bench was a disaster! Great for storing things that are a little larger or oddly shaped like the practice caterpillars.
  5. Binder and page protectors - This is a good way to organize game boards and such. Anything that is printed on 8.5 x 11 goes in a page protector and into my binder. I can always find my Funny Farm and Leaping Ladybugs right here.

Happy teaching,

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