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4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Digital Downloads

Downloading sheet music with a Private Studio License is a win-win for everyone. The pricing is generally 3 times that of a single use download. So yes, the initial purchase is a bigger commitment, but over time you will see great value in building your digital music library. Plus you can feel good about composers being fairly compensated for their creative efforts and we can work together to stop illegal photocopying.

Remember, a Private Studio License means that you have full permission to print your PDF for your own private students. All of the Anne Crosby Piano Library Solos come with a private studio license and that is marked clearly at the bottom of your sheet music.

In this post I will share 4 tips for making the most of your private studio license digital downloads.

But first, a note about getting organized. Having a good workflow is important for setting up your digital library. May I recommend that when you purchase a digital download save it on your desktop or laptop. Make a folder, call it "Anne Crosby Music" or "Sheet Music Downloads". Save your PDFs in one place and make sure they have a file name that makes sense for you.


Ready for the Tips?

1.  Use Your iPad

Use ForScore on your iPad for sheet musicBy far my favorite thing about digital downloads is being able to store and organize all my music on my iPad. If you haven't tried the ForScore app yet, I would highly recommend it. ForScore makes it really easy to access the music you want in a snap. In fact, I compose with a slightly larger music font so that reading on the iPad is even more comfortable.

You'll need to develop a workflow here. Personally I use Dropbox. I copy my PDF from my desktop computer to Dropbox. Then I can access Dropbox from ForScore on my iPad. If that just made you eyes glaze over, don't worry I'll being doing a little tutorial on this important workflow.


2.  Super Quick Printing

Quick sheet music printingSometimes you simply need the right piece at the right time and digital downloads help you get what you need quickly. Ever have a student show up without any books? Print a digital download and you're ready to go in a minute or two. You don't have to print the cover, you can save ink and just print the music sheets. In fact, have your student watch my video on YouTube and in that time you'll be ready with printed sheet music. Easy peasy.


3.  Fancy Printing

Create 11x17 sheet musicIf you have a little extra time you can get fancy with your printing. Make lovely sheet music for your students by formatting onto 11x17 paper. You can print the beautiful cover, sheet music and composer biography. I have made all of my piano sheet music PDFs editable so you have the freedom to grab pages and format them into sheet music. I do this using Pages on my iMac. Want a tutorial? Let me know. By the way, you have permission to ask students to reimburse your printing costs. Now this does not mean that you can print and sell my music in a store situation. But many teachers charge and annual printing fee to help cover these kind of expenses and I'm good with that.


4.  A Lending Library that Lasts

Laminate sheet music for a lending library that lastsA number of my piano solos have just one page of music. This creates a special opportunity to print the cover and music double sided and then laminate. And that means creating a lending library of laminated sheet music that you can use over and over again. You can even use dry erase marker on laminated pages and wipe it off when you're done. I love this option!


What about sharing digital files with students? Let's say you are teaching Skype lessons and you want to share the PDF. This is fine with me, BUT you need to make is clear that the digital file may not be shared with others. You cannot share it online or with other teachers or with students that you don't directly teach.

What about using printed digital downloads for exams or music festival? There are strict rules about illegal photocopying of music. So if you plan to use my printed music in an exam or festival be sure to save your receipt and attach it to the score so there are no questions about permissions.


Hope this gives you some ideas. Have fun with your digital music library. Take some time to develop an organized workflow and explore the creative options for using these resources.

Happy teaching,

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